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The Intern 2015
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  • Movie Title: The Intern 2015
  • Release Date: September 24th, 2015
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Runtime: 121 mnts
  • Studio: Waverly Films
  • Movie Stars :Robert De Niro,Anne Hathaway,Rene Russo,Anders Holm,JoJo Kushner
  • Movie Description:

    with robert de niro anne hathaway rene russo anders holm 70 the intern is a 2015 american comedy film directed written and produced by nancy meyers the film stars robert de niro and anne hathaway in the two leading roles who would have thought that romantic comedy star anne hathaway would ever be acting alongside gangster film star robert de niro the intern stars both of them the intern movie info release date september 25th 2015 pg

  • The Intern 2015 Movie Cast :Robert De Niro,Anne Hathaway,Rene Russo,Anders Holm,JoJo Kushner,Andrew Rannells,Adam Devine,Zack Pearlman,Jason Orley,Christina Scherer,Nat Wolff,Linda Lavin,Celia Weston,Steve Vinovich,C.J. Wilson,Mary Kay Place,Erin Mackey,Christina Brucato,Wallis Currie-Wood,Molly Bernard,Paulina Singer,Annie Funke,Christine Evangelista,Julee Cerda,Peter Vack,Nikki Granatell,Liza Binkley,Eshan Bay,Caitlin Kinnunen,Tristan Griffin

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